North Pole Santa’s Holiday Recipes

We love to go all-out with fun holiday food every year. From our family to yours, check out our blog featuring tried and true favorites for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Your belly (and kids) will thank you!

Welcome to my recipe page! I love the holidays, from Valentine’s Day to Christmas and everything in between, and this has led to one of our family’s favorite traditions: decorating the table full of fun foods and tasty treats to match the season. Whether it’s heart-shaped or red foods for Valentine’s, springy Easter foods, green goodness for St. Patrick’s Day, patriotic celebrations for July 4th, mummies and goblins on Halloween, turkey platters at Thanksgiving, or all sorts of festive and delicious foods for Christmas, I have holiday recipes for all!

People are always asking me to share some of my favorites, and what better way to start than by creating a new blog for my wonderful customers?

As each season nears, I will post some quick and easy recipes and snacks that will make a great addition to your family’s festivities. With these treats come plenty of opportunities for the kids to help out and get the whole family involved. I’ll also be adding some fun decorating ideas for each season, in case you or someone else in your family want to get a little crafty! For my family, it makes the season so much more meaningful when we are able to spend quality time together.

I would love to hear your feedback, questions, and ideas! Please comment and share stories or photos with me if you decide to make any of these recipes, and let me know how it went! From our family to yours, I hope you enjoy.

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