USPS Priority Shipping



Purchase this upgrade to have your letter from Santa sent in a USPS priority mailer, with a tracking number, and delivered within 3-5 days of shipping.

USPS Priority Shipping Upgrade

  • Tracking number provided
  • Once shipped, 3-5 day delivery time
  • Purchase 1 upgrade = letters sent to 1 shipping address
  • Purchase 2+ upgrades = letters sent to 2+ separate shipping addresses

This upgrade option will guarantee a faster delivery time, once your letter is placed in the mail. Your letter from Santa will still be packaged with care in our standard envelope with the custom postmark of your choice and addressed from Santa. Please Note: the letter will arrive inside a USPS priority mailer envelope.​​**

**PLEASE NOTE this option is not available with the authentic North Pole postmark. If you are choosing to upgrade to USPS priority mail shipping, please choose one of our two custom North Pole Express or Sleigh Mail postmarks.​​**

If you purchase a quantity of one (1) shipping upgrade, ALL the letters you have ordered will be placed in one (1) priority mailer and sent to the same address.

  • This option guarantees that children living in the same household will receive their letters at the same time. Each child will still receive their own individual letter in a personalized envelope, addressed from Santa.

If you would like your letters in USPS priority mailers sent to multiple, separate addresses, please purchase the matching quantity of shipping upgrades. 

  • For example, if you have 3 children you are sending letters to in 3 different states, and you would like to send all of them via USPS priority mail, please purchase a quantity of three (3) shipping upgrades.


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