Working Hard in School (New)


Our Working Hard in School letter is one of our general Christmas letters and offers more opportunity for personalization than some of the shorter letters in this series.  It is perfect surprise from Santa Claus for grade school students and will be sure to bring a smile to the holidays.

This series of letters feature a variety of good life lessons, Santa’s praise of your child’s accomplishments, and Santa’s commentary on what life at the North Pole is really like.



Working hard is school is a great letter for a grade school student who is working hard in school. This is one of our general letters and has plenty of opportunity for personalization to your child’s life.

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Weight .6 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 in

Santa's Bag, North Pole Train, Santa's Beard, Gingerbread Cookies, Christmas Lights, Waving Santa, Fireplace, Rudolph & Frosty, Skating Santa, Presents, Santa's Workshop – Exclusive, Nativity Scene, Santa's List, Santa's Face, Santa's Wish, Friendly Snowmen, Christmas Gifts, Bethlehem, Nutcrackers, Checking His List, Festive Tree Lights, Santa's Hat, Winter Wonderland, Santa's Friends, Stacked Presents, Christmas Cookies, Trail to Bethlehem, Winter Nativity, Santa's Gift, Magical Stockings, Peppermint Chain, 3 Kings, Merry Christmas


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